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Planting for winter-active invertebrates

Posted in: Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecosystem Services, Invertebrates, Trees, Urban Ecosystems
Date posted: 12 December 2018

Many planting schemes with an ecological input specify that native species should be used, and for very good reasons too. There is a problem with native planting, however, in that indigenous trees and shrubs in the UK are limited in number and very few of them provide a food resource for invertebrates during the winter months. Climate amelioration means that more invertebrates are going to be active during winter months, especially in towns and cities. But will there be enough food to sustain them?

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Testing the new AudioMoth detector

Posted in: Bats, Biodiversity, Birds, Migration, Research, Surveys and Assessment, Technology
Date posted: 7 July 2018

AudioMoth is a low-cost, full-spectrum acoustic logger. The firmware and software for the AudioMoth are open source (and programmable) and free to download. Over the coming weeks and months, Alar Ecology will be carrying out tests on the AudioMoth, to see how well it performs.

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Privacy and Non-Disclosure Policy

Posted in: Company News
Date posted: 30 April 2018

General policy and arrangements for Alar Ecology Limited relating to the privacy of client data and the non-disclosure of confidential client and project information.

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Bat activity in winter – what can it tell us?

Posted in: Bats, Research
Date posted: 1 February 2018

Winter tends to be the off season for bat ecologists. And why not? By early October, most surveyors are pretty frazzled. In any case, bats hibernate in the winter don't they? So why waste time and effort 'looking' for them? Any results are likely to be abnormal and therefore incapable of informing anything useful.

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Greenfinch destined for UK Red List?

Posted in: Biodiversity, Birds, Conservation, Ecological Indicators
Date posted: 26 December 2017

Though still a familiar garden bird, Greenfinch has declined by 59 per cent in the UK in just 10 years, prompting concerns for its status. Should the current rate of decline continue, Greenfinch could be moved straight to the Red List in the next update.

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Bird Photographer of the Year 2017

Posted in: Birds, Wildlife Photography
Date posted: 1 September 2017

Bird Photographer of the Year is a competition that celebrates the artistry of bird photography and promotes conservation by contributing directly to the British Trust for Ornithology to support their conservation research.

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