Planning Support

Submitting a project for planning consent carries inherent risks, as mistakes made at the pre-planning stage can subsequently prove to be very costly or result in failure. Alar Ecology offers a planning support service which seeks to ensure that ecological constraints (and opportunities) are considered in a timely manner, allowing informed masterplan design decisions to be made. This service includes:

  • Early-stage feasibility studies and ecological risk assessment
  • Review of relevant planning policies, including those that afford protection to sites, habitats and species of local importance
  • Consultation with statutory agencies, planning authorities and local interest groups, ensuring that potential objections are understood and addressed effectively

Once planning consent has been received, the following services are available, to ensure a smooth transition to project completion:

  • Discharge of planning conditions and other obligations, for example by preparing method statements and management plans
  • Preparation of supporting documents such as a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), working method statements and an Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Alar Ecology’s approach is to manage planning risk from the commencement of a project. This ensures ecological constraints to development or other land based schemes are highlighted in a coherent way, as well as allowing opportunities for environmental gain to be identified.