Habitat Surveys

A detailed and accurate habitat survey is a fundamental requirement for most projects  subject to planning or other types of consent. This will identifying and illustrate the key habitat types present and their likelihood to support protected and/or notable species. Combined with a biological data search, a habitat survey establishes an ecological baseline, allowing the development (or other) potential of a site to be assessed and the opportunities for ecological mitigation and enhancement to be identified.

Habitat surveys offered by Alar Ecology include the following:

  • Initial assessments based on a site walkover and/or aerial photography and data search
  • Extended Phase 1 Habitat survey
  • Detailed botanical surveys, including National Vegetation Classification (NVC)
  • Alien and invasive species surveys
  • Tree and hedgerow surveys
  • Woodland surveys

The results of habitat surveys can be provided by Alar Ecology as high quality digital plans and drawings, including in GIS and/or CAD formats where required.