Alar Ecology Limited is an independent consultancy providing ecological and arboricultural surveys, assessments and reports in support of planning applications and other land-based projects. Located in Bristol, Alar Ecology operates throughout the United Kingdom, providing a range of services to developers, planners, designers and architects in both the private and public sectors.

Alar Ecology’s objectives are to:

  • offer informed and pragmatic advice on all wildlife-related matters;
  • work to the highest professional and technical standards;
  • deliver timely and cost-effective solutions; and
  • promote sustainable development and environmental gain.

Alar Ecology aims to develop strong and lasting relationships with its clients, guiding them through the planning and legislative process towards successful project outcomes.


Latest News

Bat activity in winter – what can it tell us?

1 February 2018

Winter tends to be the off season for bat ecologists. And why not? By early October, most surveyors are pretty frazzled. In any case, bats hibernate in the winter don’t they? So why waste time and effort ‘looking’ for them? Any results are likely to be abnormal and therefore incapable of informing anything useful.

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